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Looking for that perfect fit that you can see yourself going back to again and again? Well look no further because Purple jeans have a style to suit every occassion. When it comes to Purple jeans it's all about choice, which is why straight leg, slim-fit and jeans with a distressed style can all work its way into your wardrobe with ease. Why not make your Purple jeans look even more effortless as you style them with a pair of low-top trainers.

The Purple Jeans Buying Guide

Purple’s denim collection combines luxury fashion with industrial design and a streetwear-inspired aesthetic. Renowned for its wide selection of styles and silhouettes, Purple was created with the aim of offering men’s denim with modern fits, top-quality hardware and innovative washes without the high price tag. Ahead, see our Purple jeans buying guide for the denim styles that suit you best and the ideal size for you.

The Most Wanted Men’s Purple Jeans

  • Purple P001 Jeans

    Purple has shown itself to be an expert in crafting wearable yet contemporary denim, and the label’s carefully constructed P001 jeans are a case in point. Designed with a low rise and slim leg, the P001 silhouette comes in a variety of washes. Crafted from stretch-denim, this pair features reinforced belt loops, lined pockets and yolk, and hidden back pocket rivets.

  • Purple P002 Jeans

    These P002 jeans are one of the brand’s most popular styles thanks to the mid-rise and slim, tapered profile. Crafted from stretch-denim so that they spring back into shape, these jeans are finished with the brand’s signature hidden back pocket rivets and reinforced belt loops. Available in a range of washes, as well as distressed finishes, 3D wrinkle effects and perfectly place abrasions at the pockets and hem. 

  • Purple P005 Jeans

    From grey and white washes to mid-blue, raw indigo and khaki twill designs, Purple’s P005 jeans will form the foundation of every casual wardrobe. Cut to a straight leg with a mid rise, these jeans are one of the brand’s most classic silhouettes. 

The Purple Jeans Sizing Guide

Purple jeans come in sizes 27-38, which relates to your waist size in inches. You can use the sizing chart below to convert UK/US waist sizes to Italian, French and S-6XL sizing.

For example, if you usually wear an Italian size 48 or a French size 40, you should buy your Purple jeans in a size 32. 

Italian (IT)44464850525456586062
UK/US Waist28303234363840424446
French (FR)36384042444648505254


What different silhouettes do Purple jeans come in?

Each style of Purple jeans has an easily identifiable number so you can tell the cut and fit. Every pair of jeans has a ‘P’ to start in reference to Purple, and is followed by a 001, 002, 005, or 020.

• STYLE NO. P001 - Low rise with slim leg
• STYLE NO. P002 - Mid rise with tapered leg

• STYLE NO. P005 - Mid rise with straight leg 

• STYLE NO. P020 - Ripped jean shorts with blowout on thighs 

What Purple jeans will suit me best?

A good pair of jeans will be one of the most well-worn pieces in your casual wardrobe. As you’ll spend a lot of time wearing you jeans, it makes sense that they fit you perfectly. Although sometimes subjective, there are also some rules when it comes to what fit of Purple jeans you should choose based on your body type.

For those with an athletic build or who are full-figured, we would recommend straight-leg jeans such as the P005 style. You could also choose tapered jeans like the P002. This provides a neat fit for those with an athletic fit who prefers a slimmer silhouette.

If you are on the slimmer side, we would advise buying your Purple jeans in a tighter fit and silhouette to avoid drowning in fabric.

When it comes to the rise, choose a mid-rise if you have shorter legs or prefer a more classic design. A low rise will offer a more relaxed and modern feel to your jeans.

Should Purple jeans be washed often?

It’s often claimed that you shouldn’t wash your jeans too frequently, as this can break down the denim and cause the dye to fade. Yet, the buildup of dirt, oil and environmental grime can also cause the material to break down as well as causing the color to fade. We would recommend washing your jeans around every 5-10 wears.

When it comes to washing your jeans, we would advise hand washing which is gentler on denim fibres and avoid tumble drying.