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In the watchmaking business since 1860, Swiss luxury brand TAG Heuer crafts superb timepieces famously worn by screen icons Steve McQueen (in the 1971 movie Le Mans) and Leonardo DiCaprio. Invest in watches to treasure for years to come, including sporty chronographs and handsome stainless steel timepieces with luxury touches like alligator straps.

The Men’s Tag Heuer Watches Buying Guide

TAG Heuer, founded in 1860, is a luxury Swiss watchmaking brand. TAG Heuer design and produce some of the most exceptional high-quality watches in the world. The brand has previously partnered with sports and lifestyle events. In addition to this, TAG Heuer watches have been worn by some of the biggest stars of the century, from Steve Mcqueen to Senna. A TAG Heuer watch is an elegant and executive timepiece guaranteed to last you longer than a lifetime.

Ahead, take a look at men’s TAG Heuer watches buying guide, which will help you discover the most wanted TAG Heuer pieces. We will also share a guide telling you how to best care for a TAG Heuer watch and the most frequently asked questions about the pieces are mentioned.

The Most Wanted Men’s TAG Heuer Watches

  • TAG Heuer Carrera Watches

    The Carrera chronograph was inspired by the motor racing event Carrera Panamericana – considered the most dangerous and extreme in the world. The Carrera was designed for drivers, whether motor racing drivers or everyday drivers. The design was first showcased in the early 1960s. Every Carrera watch created since has had a very similar design to the very first release. However, contemporary touches have been added to TAG Heuer’s Carrera watches. The watches now have fixed ceramic bezels, sapphire crystal backs and are water-resistant up to 100m. One of the most popular Carrera watches is the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 7-Twin Time. This watch, in particular, features a black dial with rhodium-plated luminescent indexes, polished steel case and a black alligator leather bracelet.

  • TAG Heuer AquaRacer Watches

    TAG Heuer patented the first water-resistant watch case in 1895 and the TAG Heuer AquaRacer was first released in 1982. Inspired by the aquatic world, TAG Heuer created the AquaRacer watch as the perfect sports watch. All TAG Heuer AquaRacer watches are water-resistant up to 300 meters and feature a double security clasp to ensure the watch doesn’t fall off or unclasp. The unidirectional turning bezel also protects anyone diving, as they are able to time a dive with precision. The watch also features rhodium-plated luminescent indexes, making sure you can see the dial even in the darkest depths. 

  • TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watches

    The TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch was first released in 1983 and has grown to become one of the most popular TAG Heuer watches across all collections. The Formula 1 watch was inspired by the precision seen in Formula 1. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch is worn by countless international professional drivers but is also perfect for those who aren’t on the track. All TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches are extremely durable, as well as sleek, stylish and elegant. This really is the perfect watch for everyday life, for anyone. There’s a wide variation of materials used within the Formula 1 collection, so you will definitely find a Formula 1 watch that complements your style and personality.

How to care for your TAG Heuer Watch

We recommend cleaning your TAG Heuer watch every three months. If the watch is steel and water-resistant, you can clean it gently in soapy water and then rinse. If the watch features leather or fabric, never use water to clean it. You can use a soft cloth on fabric or leather watches. Avoid exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures. If you go in saltwater with the watch, make sure to rinse the watch with water as soon as you’re back on land. Keep your TAG Heuer watch in a watch box to ensure it keeps its shape.


Where are TAG Heuer watches made?

TAG Heuer watches are made in Cornol, Switzerland and La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

How long does a TAG Heuer watch battery last?

Typically, a TAG Heuer watch battery will last around 2 years. Then they need to be replaced with a new one, by a luxury watch specialist.

How often should you service a TAG Heuer watch?

It’s recommended that you service a TAG Heuer watch every two years, especially to double-check the water resistance.