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Tommy Hilfiger
Leather Trainers - White
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Tommy Hilfiger
Corporate Material Trainers - White
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Tommy Hilfiger
Lightweight Corporate Th Logo Trainers - Blue
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Tommy Hilfiger
Suede Mixed Panel Running Trainers - Black
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Tommy Hilfiger
Low Top Runner Trainers - White
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Tommy Hilfiger
Fashion Mix Trainers - Blue
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Tommy Hilfiger
Premium Trainers - Multicolour
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Tommy Hilfiger
Flag Trainers - Blue
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Tommy Hilfiger
Flag Trainers - White
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Tommy Hilfiger
Signature Leather Low Row Trainers - Blue
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Tommy Hilfiger
Mix Runner Runner - Grey
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Renowned as one of the world's leading premium lifestyle brands, Tommy Hilfiger has been embracing a preppy and youthful vibe since 1985. Hilfiger famously merges his signature quirky twist with traditional fabrics to deliver style, quality and value with an inherent focus on an American cool vibe. Men's Tommy Hilfiger trainers are instantly recognised by the brand's logo etched onto each design. Low top trainers, canvas trainers and suede lace-ups lend themselves to all busy lifestyles with integral comfort and durability.

The Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers Buying Guide

These high-quality and stylish sneakers are made with traditional fabrics, synonymous with a preppy vibe. These long-lasting high or low top canvas, suede, or leather sneakers are easily recognized by the Hilfiger logo. Youthful, relaxed, and comfortable, they deliver quality as well as the all-American look. They're the go-to accompaniment for any man on the go who doesn’t want to compromise on style. Thinking of purchasing a pair? Continue reading this buyer's guide to help you find the perfect fit. 

The Most Wanted Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers

  • Tommy Hilfiger Th Core Signature Sneakers

    These low top white lace-up sneakers offer street-style and comfort, and a splash of Hilfiger's signature blue and red on the side. The blue Vulcanised rubber soles have the New York City skyline embossed underneath. The uppers and lining are made from Polyurethane and polyester, and the sole is 3.6cm high. This style is available in a range of colors.

  • Tommy Hilfiger High-Top Sneakers

    These round-toed solid color high-top sneakers are made with 81% soft black leather and 19% Polyurethane. The inner lining and insole are made from comfortable fabric, the rubber sole has the trademark Hilfiger red, white, and blue colors underfoot. The Hilfiger logo is on the side of the sneakers, the ankle cuffs, and the sneaker tongue.

  • Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Core Vulcanised Sneakers

    The trademark red, white, and blue flag colors add a dash of zest to these white Vulcanised high top sneakers. With faux-leather uppers, the smooth feel is contrasted with the ankle collar and mesh tongue. The lining is made out of polyester, and the upper is Polyurethane. The blue soles are branded with the New York City skyline to complete the urban vibe. 

The Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers Sizing Guide

Tommy Hilfiger sneakers come in the US, the UK and EU sizes and half sizes. Their size guide also allows you to see the right size according to your foot length (although this is only available for US sizing).

However, you can simply compare your UK or EU sizing to the US size guide and choose accordingly.


US sizeFoot length in inches

How To Care For Your Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers

To take care of your Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, follow these simple steps:


Invest in some excellent full or half-leather or gel insoles for extra comfort and support. After all, your shoes take a beating, whether it be on the pavement, the office, or the gym.

Water Resistant Lotion 

Using a water-resistant product, like a cream, spray, or lotion, will help your sneakers last longer by protecting them from rain and extreme weather. Buy a water-resistant product that's suitable for leather and synthetic materials, to help stop the sneakers from cracking.

Shoe cleaner 

A damp cloth can work wonders on smaller stains, particularly for sneakers made out of synthetic materials. But, for leather sneakers, buy a cream that's tailored to clean leather. A good cream or lotion should moisturize the leather and help to stop it from cracking. Simply apply the cleaner evenly to the leather and allow it to dry before polishing it. You can also use a spray cleaner on leather or synthetic sneakers. Spray evenly before rubbing the sneaker with a soft clean cloth.


What are Tommy Hilfiger sneakers made from?

Typically, they're made from either canvas, leather, suede, or Polyurethane with a fabric and/or Polyurethane inner and rubber soles.

The brand’s crest embroidery chunky sneakers are 85% leather and 15% suede. In contrast, the high-top sneakers are made from 81% leather and 19% Polyurethane. The canvas sneakers are made from canvas, with canvas uppers and rubber soles. 

How long has the Tommy Hilfiger brand been around?

Tommy Hilfiger launched his namesake lifestyle brand in 1985 with his menswear fashion range. It's since expanded to incorporate sneakers, shoes, womenswear, and accessories.